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Eliminating Plastic Waste Pollution Globally

Closing the Loop of Plastic Use

Converting Plastic Waste

Unlocking Plastic Energy

Nantek is closing the loop of circular economy in plastic production, converting the non-recyclable plastic waste into energy generation.

Using our propietary technology based on reactive agents, Nantek can turn any plastic waste back into renewable products that can be re-used, avoiding plastic waste from being landfilled or incinerated.

Our Purpose

Save the planet from plastic waste. Close the loop of plastic use.

Our Vision

A society free from landfilling or incinerating plastic waste.

Our Mision

Generating second-life products and raw materials for clean energy generation by unlocking plastic energy.


Our Competitive

We focus on the plastic elimination by converting it into valuable assets for the industry of energy and petrochemicals. While doing so, we take great care to optimize the way the word exploits natural resources. Efficient production is our aim, empowering a real and sustainable circular economy.

High conversion Yields

Increasing solid-to-liquid conversion yield with our reactive agents

Synthetic Raw Materials

Feature zero sulfur levels, low-to-no corrosion or metals residue


Working below 450ÂșCallows to operate at low energy consumption levels


Mixtures of Plastics

Can finaly be recycled without cleaning, separating or pre-processing