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Unlocking Plastic Energy

Nantek / Fuels is the division created to truly unlock plastic energy by upcycling currently non-recyclable mixed plastic waste into high quality low & zero-sulfur fuels and chemical compounds that can be used as feedstock for Oil&Gas, power generation, petrochemical and plastic related industries. We are committed to get our seas and oceans rid of plastic. We have the technology. We created it!



Half of all plastic produced worldwide is designed to be used only once. In addition, only 20% of plastic waste is recycled. The fate of the remaining 80% is landfills, incineration or even worse, dumping into rivers and the sea, menacing both nature and human health.

Plastic is a necessary material, present in an infinite range of products and applications, and has contributed to improve health as well as water and food safety.

However, to make the most of these extraordinary polymers, challenges related to the end of the life cycle of certain plastics – and particularly plastic packaging & single use plastics – still need to be addressed.

All The Energy Within Is Lost

When Discarding Plastic

After years of research and development, NANTEK has pioneered a technology that rethinks mixed plastic waste, a major breakthrough in upcycling, completing plastic’s life cycle by transforming non-recyclable mixed plastic waste into a valuable resource.

Low & sulfur- free oils, paraffin and other compounds are produced from plastic in a single step process, bringing all that waste back into the sustainable circular economy as we decouple the origin and production of these synthetic products from traditional fossil fuels.  Thus, helping avoid their huge carbon footprint.

Our technology covers the existing breach in plastic recycling, breaks the vicious circle of, plastic production – single use – discarding.

Our Disruptive Process To Bring
Energy Back

CF-CMRM® (Catalyst-Free Carbon Molecule Release Mechanism) is the patent pending evolution from traditional chemical recycling processes. An innovative technology that turns mixed plastic waste streams into high quality low & zero-sulfur synthetic fuels, recycled carbon fuels and other new generation products. Our solution can process mixed plastic waste streams that other recycling systems currently have to discard in landfills or incinerate.

By diverting these mixed plastic waste streams to CF-CMRM®-upcycling and returning them to their original building compounds, we have created a new paradigm, changing forever the concept of plastic life cycle, bringing mixed plastic waste back into the sustainable circular economy.

In 2020 we will roll out the first ever pilot plant that optimizes traditional thermochemical recycling with a unique and innovative use of nano elements to effectively upcycle mixed plastic waste. This modular and scalable plant will have a 10ton/day processing capacity.

Nantek - fuels

The CF-CMRM® technology is an optimized reaction condition that allows for controlled polymer degradation and a control in the size of the final compounds, modifying carbon link dynamics and carbon bonding, forming new chains and leveraging on these elements to remove sulfur, successfully producing a wide range of low & zero-sulfur synthetic fuels and chemical compounds, upcycling mixed plastic waste.

In each and every process we obtain a range of compounds, drop-in fuels and building blocks, where further refining is optional. We can create ecofriendly “on-demand” products, in just one step.

Different on-demand solutions

More demanding recyclability targets will require ambitious actions to comply


CF-CMRM®-upcycling is a solution for the mixed plastic waste that is currently discarded in landfills  or incinerated

CF-CMRM®-upcycling will mitigate against the costs associated with increasing landfilling costs

CF-CMRM®-upcycling will help gain a competitive advantage in the waste management sector

CF-CMRM® will help meet customer’s demand for recycled products

CF-CMRM® permits to adopt a crude oil equivalent within their feedstock

CF-CMRM® assures leadership in sustainable development within the sector

CF-CMRM® will comply with authorities’ eagerness to simplify waste collection and sorting

CF-CMRM® provides an easier and more effective solution to households and businesses

CF-CMRM® helps meet national recycling and CO2 reduction targets

Upcycling industries will create thousands of new qualified jobs

CF-CMRM®-upcycling improves environmental safety perception

CF-CMRM®-upcycling enhances public health

CF-CMRM®-upcycling respects environment

What Type of Materials can CF-CMRM® process?

Our technology is capable of processing mixed plastic waste streams. We upcycle mixed end-of-life plastics, multi-layered, no longer mechanically recyclable, of all shapes and colors, even ocean plastics that have been degraded over time.

How Much Plastic can CF-CMRM® process?

We have engineered CF-CMRM® to be easily implemented wherever mixed plastic waste has become a problem. It also is easily scalable to any existing waste site or waste management plant, anywhere in the world.


Great Ideas! Nano Solutions!

ZIKLO® is a brand new generation of fuels and chemical compounds made from mixed plastic waste. ZIKLO® fuel range is equivalent in quality to benchmark products, requiring no further refining.

ZIKLO® is the way we have shaped our commitment to transforming the plastic economy. The answer to bringing mixed plastic waste back into the sustainable circular economy.



Competitive Advantages
Market Potential

We can process mixed plastic waste, even without sorting

Great availability of raw materials at low cost, assures growth potential

We produce low & zero-sulfur products

Climate regulations set to reduce emissions by using ultra-low sulfur fuels

CF-CMRM® technology assures a single step process

Allowing competitive pricing in any market

Subsequent refining-processing is optional

Enhances competitiveness










We gap the lab-to-industry bridge, a critical phase leveraged by concentrating scientific research, chemical development, engineering and the production of nano-elements as an all-in-one solution.

Great Ideas · Nano Solutions