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Eliminating Plastic Waste Pollution Globally

Closing the Loop of Plastic Use

Converting Plastic Waste

Unlocking Plastic Energy

Nantek is entitled to truly unlock plastic energy by upcycling currentrly non-recyclable mixed plastic waste into high quality petrochemical products and chemical compounds that can be used as feedstock for energy generation, petrochemicals and plastic related industries.

We are committed to get our seas and oceans rid of plastic. We have the technology, let’s just use it.



350 million tons produced per year
50% used only once
82% not recycled

The fate of this plastic is landfills, incineration or even worse, dumping into rivers and the sea, menacing both nature and human health.

Plastic is a necessary material, present in an infinite range of products and applications, and has contributed to improve health as well as water and food safety.

The real problem is plastic waste, that’s exactly where our target is.

What we produce

Hydrogene, paraffins, Low & sulfur – free petrochemicals, and other compounds are produced from plastic in a single step process, bringing all that waste back into the sustainable circular economy as we reduce the use of fossil fuels. Thus, helping avoid their huge carbon footprint.

Our technology covers the existing breach in plastic recycling, breaks the vicious circle or plastic production – single use – discarding.

Our technology is capable of processing mixed plastic waste streams. We upcycle mixed end-of-life plastics, multi-layered, no longer mechanically recyclable, of all shapes and colors, even ocean plastics that have been degraded over time.

Our Process – Bring
Energy Back

The CF-CMRM®  technology is an optimized reaction condition thet allows for controlled polymer degradation and a control in the size of the final compounds, modifying carbon link dinamics and carbon bonding, forming new chains and leveraging on these elements to remove sulfur levels, metals and corrosion agents.

In each and every process we obtain a range of compounds, drop-in hydrocarbons, petrochemicals and building blocks, where further refining is optional. We can create ecofriendly “on-demand” products in just one step.